Hyak as it was 1967
  1. Parking-off highway-780 cars
  2. Day Lodge-Ski Patrol-Ski shop
  3. Double Rope-Beginners
  4. Double Rope-Beginners/Inter
  5. Double Chair Lift-Lodge Side
  6. Midway Chair Terminal
  7. Dinosaur Run
  8. Lower Poma
  9. Milwaukee Run
10. Upper Poma
11. Warming Hut
12. Single Rope
13. Single Rope
14. Holiday Trail
15. Double Chair Lift
16. Slalom Run-Expert
17. Sun Down Medow
18. Lower Terminal-Hidden Valley

NOTE: None of the lifts shown on this map are in operation currently. Next to the lodge the #3 double rope is gone. The #4 is still there but has not been run for 20 years or so. The double chair lift (now known as the dinosaur chair) sitll exists but was last operated around 1982. A double chair lift replaced  #10 and a beginner double chair replaced #8, #12 and #13.