Jonley, the official dog of the Hyak.NET website!
Over the years I tried to put my dog Jonley into the pic of the week whenever possible. 
Here is a collection of photo's I've taken. The only ski run he would not
run down was under the dino chair.  For some reason, it just freaked him out......

April 1998, Jonley's first day in snow.
October 1998

9 months old

Halloween day 1998. First snow of the season.
February 1999 early AM hike.
March 1999 
June, 1999 was my only time I've been able to snowboard the face of Hyak in June. Over 600" of snow during the season.  Jonley is in the distance with Hidden Valley in the background.
Halloween day, 1999.  First snow of the new season.
Cold early morning near the Hyak lodge

January 2000.

May 29th 2000 along the summit of the Hyak ski area. 
April 2001, a skier with a couple of Husky dogs in the distance. 
Late April 2001 in Hidden Valley. 
Creek on the crossover trail from Hyak to Silverfir. 

Laborday weekend 2001

September 2001 at the hidden Hyak archery area.
Early November snows 


Day after Christmas, 2001
April 21, 2002 near the top of the Keechelus lift getting ready for our descent.
May 5, 2002 hiking through fresh snow.
October 27, 2002 hiking down Creek Run
Remains of early season snow. 
(Jonley wore a light around his neck in the dark as you can see in photo so I could find him easier if he wandered off)

October, 2002

My favorite photo that I had taken of him through the years at Hyak.  The Oly Can was getting its re-paint in the background.

October 9, 2003

Bad quality with my early camera phone, but better then nothing.  Big dump previous night.

December 2003

Hiking in the lower cross-country trail area.

October, 2004

We used to hike this area quite frequently. Power lines between Hyak and Silverfir.

November 7, 2004

The horrible snow season that we all want to forget.

January 23, 2005

New Years Day, 2006. The groomer had some fun making this 8' snowball.
January 2006, out for the dog walk.
June 11, 2006. You can still see remains of the 1/4 pipe.
Saturday, September 23 at 6am. I was taking Jonley out for his normal morning walk but this day he didn't seem to have the normal bounce in his step (he was diagnosed with cancer 2 days prior and was scheduled to go in for an ultra-sound Monday).  
When we returned to the cabin he went to the basement and layed down, acting very tired.  

It was the last time he went on a walk.....   2hrs later I carried him up and into our van, then took him back to our home where he rested for many hrs, but was getting worse..

He passed away at 10pm that night.

Jan 15, 1998 - Sept 23, 2006