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Notes 2009/2010 season

First Measurable Snow:  October 27, 2009
Last Measurable Snow:   May 6, 2010
Season Total:   189"

June 4, 2010
The work moves on. Seems to be going slowly with all Easy Gold towers gone now, 
the Keechelus landing work moving slowly and clearing of the triple chair has been done. 
I can see the markers for the new towers in place. Will be good to see those start going up.

May 14, 2010
The snow is now just in patches except for up top. The work is plodding along at the resort 
as far as lift removal, no indication of the install starting yet. We did get a dump of snow on 
May 4 which was a surprise, about 6". It has since melted away with the first warm day...
Base: all gone.

April 28, 2010
Currently there is very wet snow falling, but nothing sticking. It has been pretty warm but we 
do get some occasional snow like last Saturday about 1" (then it melted). The snow is pretty 
much gone, only 6" left at my measuring stake. The ski area has been working on the lift project, 
just removal so far of what is left of the old lifts and Easy Gold.
Base: 6"

April 21, 2010
I was surprised this AM when I was leaving for work to see some snow falling. It was actually 
mix rain/snow, but the SL appeared to be 3,500'. Most of the April storm snow has melted and 
my measuring stake is now reading 1 1/2'. The snow is going fast and should be mostly gone by 
the end of April.
Base: 1 1/2'

April 14, 2010
The snow has finally ended. Now the melt is on again and season temps are back to normal. This 
last rush of storms put a big shot in the arm of the spring ski season. The depth crept up to 3 1/2' 
which ties the season high, but now is down to 2 1/2' and I assume will drop quickly over the weekend.
The ski area has started work removing Easy Gold and will be moving forward with the front side 
triple and Hidden Valley double chair. Good news!!
Base: 2 1/2'

April 8, 2010
Another storm pushes through leaving much more snow in its shadow. Another foot is predicted 
today and more through the weekend. Alpental is scheduled to close on the 18th, not sure about 
West. Snow depth now is about as deep as it has been all winter.
Base: 3'+

April 2, 2010
It has been a crazy spring. It appears the winter storm pattern that has been missing all winter has finally 
arrived. The past couple weeks we have been getting storms coming out of Alaska dumping snow on 
us and this weekend is no different. They are predicting 1'-2' more snow this Fri/Sat. Maybe these late 
storms will save the spring riding and allow Alpental to stay open again into May?
Base: 2'

March 22, 2010
The ski area is still plodding along, staying open with snow depth becoming very thin and more dirt 
sticking out. After a warm week, rains returned Sunday followed by a little snow Monday AM. Only a 
trace, but it is something. Still no word on the triple chair, if it will be installed this summer.
Base: 18"

March 12, 2010
Winter has re-arrived with the biggest storm of the year. It was snowing hard and well over 1 foot has fallen.
It figures that the day I go in for ACL reconstruction surgery it starts snowing. Snow is predicted to keep 
falling through the rest of the week.
Base: 2 1/2'

March 9, 2010
Winter finally has returned, sort of. First time snow levels have been down to 1,000' since December and 
we received about an inch of snow. Today it was 22 degrees which should help stop the snow melt for a bit, 
but they are predicting occasional snow through the week, but nothing to write home about.
Base: 18"

March 2, 2010
March came roaring in with warm temps and fast snowmelt. I'd guess the ski areas will begin shutting down 
some operations soon with no change in the weather pattern seen and snow rapidly melting. Central has a 
lot of dirt starting to show and this weekend the crossover trail from Hyak to Silver Fir had some nasty holes 
Base: 2'

February 24, 2010
Finally , new snow! It was only 2-3" but at least it was white stuff. It was followed up with some light rain 
during the day which pretty much wiped out what had fallen. It surprises me that we have had virtually ZERO 
winter storms this season thus far. It is almost March and the only double digit snowfall totals were back in 
November. It would be nice to get a normal March to finish off the season, but so far there has been no sign 
this weather pattern will change anytime soon.
Base: 2'+

February 15, 2010
I've had few entries this season simply because nothing ever changes. Seems every week we get a little snow, 
little rain and warm temps. The snow is nearing the point where we are seeing too many dirt areas and an early 
closing might happen in the next few weeks w/o a real winter storm. The Holy Oly is scheduled for next 
Saturday at Hyak. The area is currently stacking up snow and last week they ran the Little Gold chair getting 
all ready for the event.
Base: 2 1/2'

January 25, 2009
The winter is still looking bleak even after yesterday's storm of 4". It seems we have been hovering around 3' 
depth. After last weeks unusual warm weather the measuring had dropped below 3'. As of today the season 
total snowfall has still yet to reach 100" which is less then one month normal snowfall for January alone. Hopefully 
soon this elnino will weaken and allow the normal storm track to return. Otherwise spring riding will not last into 
April but I still hold out hope that we will have a normal Feb and big March to bring us to the mid 200's for 
seasonal total (just a guess).
Base: 2 1/2'

January 5, 2009
The cycle seems to continue. Cold weather then snow followed by rain, then cold, etc. It goes on and on. Currently 
today is a RAIN day, but yesterday was a SNOW day so I assume next will be a freeze to make this slush into rock 
hard crap. We have enough snow to continue lift service but good snow conditions have been hard to find unless you 
were out on those few days the snow was falling.
Base: 3'

December 28, 2009
December snowfall has been far below normal and the ski area has been operating on very minimal snow amounts. 
Only 2-3' has been on the ground and much of the time the snow has been rock-hard due to extreme cold weather 
following rain. Snow is expected this week but I do not believe it is suppose to amount to much.
Base: 2 1/2'

December 20, 2009
The high snow levels did arrive and turned all of the great dry powder to what is known as "cascade concrete". My 
measuring stick was reporting close to 3' before the rains, but now it is just around 2 1/2'. The temps have been pretty 
steady, around 34-36 degrees the past few days with heavy fog and sometimes misty drizzle. As long as the heavy rain 
stays away things are not too bad. The Nordic center is open but for some reason the crossover trail is not groomed to 
Silver Fir? I find this odd since SF is the only lift access for the Nordic skiers and people are still trying to use the 
crossover anyway, but it is difficult in deep, heavy snow.
Base: 2 1/2'

December 14, 2009
After many days of clear, cold weather (many nights in the single digits) we finally have some new snow. Looks to be 
around 3"-4" this morning and more predicted for this afternoon.
Base: 20"

December 1, 2009
Rain and snowmelt is what has been happening the past week. Tonight we had more rain and temps in the upper 30's. 
Rumor has it that Central will close this week and I'd guess Alpental might be close behind if we don't get more snow, 
or at least cooler temps.
Base: 1 1/2' (18")

November 24, 2009
After another weekend of snow, the SL has gone up to 5,000' and we are now getting drenched with rain. It rained 
most of the night and continues today packing down our snow. Alpental is suppose to open this weekend assuming this 
rain stops.
Base: 2'

November 19, 2009
The snow just keeps on coming. This has been a very good November and most all western ski areas have opened 
(all except Stevens). It appears Central will kick off today after the 10" new that fell overnight (and still falling). I need 
to get my measuring stick in the ground so I can get a more accurate base measurement.
Base: 20"

November 15, 2009
Summit West opened up Saturday for one of the earliest openings in many years. More snow fell through the weekend, 
but Sunday a warm front came through and by 6pm light rain was falling. SL's are predicted to stay high until Tuesday 
then snow should return.
Base: 12"

November 11, 2009
More snow falling after we received aprox. 6" this past weekend. Mt Baker opens tomorrow and Crystal opened today. 
I don't see Snoqualmie opening any time soon and I'd guess it will still open the second week of December (my guess). 
Warm temps expected after this coming weekend which might take care of our early snow.
Base: 6"

October 30, 2009
The rains are here as well as warmer temps. At 6am it is 49 degrees and the snow is almost gone. No further snow is 
predicted, and we only ended up with 2" out of our first winter storm.

October 27, 2009
First snow of the season! Only 1 inch, but it was enough to make the ground white and get the chatter going. They had 
originally predicted up to 18" of snow to fall, but only 1" fell.

October 14, 2009
Not much to report. Got our first snowflakes of the season at slope level this week, but that only lasted for a few minutes. 
It has been raining but snow levels have been staying up around 5,500' and higher. Ski area seems to be getting things 
ready, but any work at Hyak has come to a halt for the summer it appears.

September 11, 2009
Start of a new season (my season runs from Sept-August), and still lots of activity all around the summit. No Hyak downhill 
operation, at least from the top down. They might run the little chair, but no confirmation on that one yet. This will be my first 
season since 1993 that I have no season pass so I plan to do a lot more hiking. I'm also full time at the area now so I will 
have much better daily reports and goings on. I also hope to have my live cam finally online either at my cabin site, or somewhere 
near the slopes. 



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