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Notes 2011/2012 season

First Measurable Snow:   November 3, 2011
Last Measurable Snow:   May 2, 2013
Season Total:   404"

Monday, June 4, 2012
June 3, 2012
Snow is down to about 6" at my measuring stake, barely enough to keep it standing.  Went on a bike ride on road 9070 but kept hitting snow where we had to keep walking, then after Mill Creek the snow was no longer passable and we saw a guy snowmobiling there (illegally of course).
Base: 6"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
May 20, 2012
Took some toys over to West with the kids and friends today. Still good coverage there but it is pretty much gone at Hyak from the base to the FS road and retreating quickly.  This week is forecast RAIN.
Base: 2'

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
May 7, 2012
May 6th was the last day at Alpental for lifts and May 5 was quite the party, with huge crowds, off/on snowfall  and lots of fun in Lot 4.  Coverage was still good everywhere on the mtn, and they even closed the cat track midway through the day Saturday because of snow slides.  Snow is melting away but coverage at Hyak is still good from top to bottom, so there should still be a couple more good weeks of hiking.
Base: 4'+

Monday, April 23, 2012
April 23, 2012
Wow, what a warm weekend.  Temps were in the 60's and this was the last weekend for operation of Central.  Snow is now down to 6' and Alpental will be operating through Cinco de mayo weekend.  Forecast may drop some snow on us Thursday night, but otherwise the meltdown is full speed ahead.
Base: 6'

Thursday, April 5, 2012
April 1, 2012
End of another season at Hyak.   (Dec 26-April 1)
Both Saturday and Sunday were almost mirror images of one another with snowfall through the day, sometimes very hard then at 4pm sunshine and blue skies.  It was a great season with snow depth now at my place around 8' and March was the best snow month of the season (as compared to average per month).   Central and Alpental continue to operate at least through mid April.
Base: 8'+

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
March 28, 2012
Last week we hit the all time deepest snow depth of the winter at 9'+.  This coming weekend is scheduled to be the last for Hyak operation (April 1) and snow is in the forecast so it may be another powder weekend.  March and November have been the only above average months so far this season with Dec FAR below and Jan just a bit below. All in all it comes out to be another average year for snowfall.
Base: 8'+

Sunday, March 18, 2012
March 18, 2012
What a crazy weekend.  Saturday was the first retro 80's "Neon" day followed by a party in the lodge at the end of the day. The party ended up lasting 4hrs and lots of fun.  The snow is the deepest it has been all year with another 3' or so falling since last weekend. Sunday started off sunshine, then snow rolled in, then sunshine and by 3pm it was dumping so hard you could hardly see.  They say next weekend will be the last for Hyak.
Base: 8'
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012
February 26, 2012
Wow, back to back weekends where we received nearly 3' of snow each.  This past weekend it dumped awesome dry powder and Sunday was one of the best days ever, ranking up in the top 10 of all time IMO. This week so far is sunshine and COLD weather with temps dropping into the mid teens.  Snow is predicted for the end of the week again.  Rumors are floating around that March 25 will be the end of lift service at Hyak.  Last weekend, Sunday set a record for recorded lift served riders at more then 4,400 so lets hope the crowds will keep the lifts running at Hyak into April!
Base: 7'

February 16, 2012
Back to crap weather!   So the summary of the snow this year, we had 2 good weeks in Nov that got us started, then ZIP through Dec.  Jan was wimpy the first 2 weeks then we get hammered with 7-8 feet of snow the last 2 weeks.  Now it has been 2 weeks of nothing but some light rain or light snow dustings that don't add up to squat.  Currently we have 5' on the ground from my latest measurement but it sure would be nice to get some more snow!  The past 2 weeks it has been spring corn, temps hanging in the 30's for the most part and most of that being above freezing.
Base: 5'

February 2, 2012
The storms seem to have settled down for now but not before we cracked the 100" mark for January.  We were still just below normal, but after such a dismal December it made it seem like so much more. A lot of snow settling has occurred after a few days of rain last week so we've lost all that great powder.
  So far we have had a normal Nov, 25% normal Dec and normal January so overall still behind the 8-ball but snow coverage is good, everything is open and this weekend is suppose to be all sunshine!
Base: 6'

January 21, 2012
Since the 12th we have been getting snow every day with temps running mostly in the low -mid 20's and over 6' of snow.  Went out a couple of days to play in this deep, dry stuff and had a blast.  Got myself stuck a few times with snow so deep but it is much preferred to seeing creeks and dirt.  Snowfall is still about 20" behind last years total and far behind normal but at least we are now on the right track.  With all the new snow and after it has settled down we are well over 6' deep here at Hyak.
Base: 6'+

January 17, 2012
The storms have finally arrived.  After one of the worse Decembers I can remember, January is finally kicking it into gear. MLK weekend kicked off with 7" Sunday morning, 4" Monday AM then 2 feet more by Tuesday AM.  Tomorrow is suppose to be the big snow day of these storms (at least another 2') so things are rolling along pretty good right now as long as you don't have to do the shoveling.
Base: 5 '

December 28, 2011
It has been a couple days of rain, the lodge has flooded and Hyak has closed.  With all the snow melt I'd think that Hyak would most likely be closing anyway but hopefully new snow will be falling this weekend and the area will get the lodge cleaned out.  I am very surprised with all the work done at Hyak that drainage by the lodge would have been resolved well before this.   Lets hope for colder weather and some snowfall!!  Temp right now is 37 at 3:45pm but was up to a high of 43 so maybe a cold front is already making its way.
Base: 2'

December 21, 2011
First day of winter and finally some more new snow.  Looks like maybe 3-4" but nothing more really predicted for the next 5 days or so.  Dismal December so far, well below normal snowfall even worse then last season. Snowfall is below normal for the year, but at least the resorts are open.  Hyak is scheduled to open up Monday the 26th, the day after Christmas.!!
Base: 2 1/2'+

 December 15, 2011
Halfway through December and we really haven't had much of anything this month (maybe 4" so far).  It snowed 2" last night but today the SL has gone up quick and it is now raining.  Things need to turn around or what little snow we have might start to thin out.  Hyak is suppose to open for Nordic this weekend.
Base: 2'+

December 9, 2011
Well, there hasn't been much posting in this blog for the reason that there really isn't much going on.  Hyak still has not opened, but there are rumors of nordic opening on the 17 and alpine on the 26th?  As far as snow goes, nothing is falling.  So far this season could be a repeat of last year where we got the Nov dump then nothing much in December.  Just clear skies and cold weather so far the past week and predicted on forward to the next week.  Hope we get some snow soon.
Base: 2 1/2'

November 27, 2011
Made it through Thanksgiving weekend with a bit more new snow, then Saturday high snow levels and rain.  Saturday was mostly light rain to drizzle ending around noon but Sunday was a steady rain pretty much most of the day.  The afternoon starting around 2:30pm the rain changed to snow then back and forth to rain eventually ending around 7pm.  Good early snow cover but weather predictions don't have good news for snowfall for the next week.
Base: 3'

November 22, 2011
Weekend of snow and all of the major ski resorts have opened.  West opened Saturday and was packed all weekend. Central is being groomed and appears to be getting ready to open this week.  We are over 2' on the ground and it is still snowing. A warming is suppose to hit us for the next couple days before SL's drop on Thanksgiving bringing more snow. Just hope we don't get too much washed away before that happens.
Base: 2'+

November 17, 2011
I did my first hike of the season yesterday and the snow was deeper then I had expected. I ended up sinking in the heavy snow...slow going then after I went through a creek my base got wet, then snow froze to it stopping me like glue. I ended up walking down the rest of the way. Not the best ride, but at least I got a few turns in. Snowed another 6" last night.
Base: 17"

November 15, 2011
Another storm, another US-90 road closure (2 hr) and of course, more snow.  SL's are staying low and snow continued into the night and had ended by midnight. Another 7-8" fell yesterday and tomorrow night another storm is forecast to hit.  Rumors are spreading that the Summit is going to shoot for opening West on Thanksgiving weekend as long as the snow keeps coming.
Base: 10"

November 14, 2011
Our first weekend of snow storms didn't yield as much snow as predicted, but it did offer the first road closure and made the slopes white.  We received 3" by Saturday morning then another 4" through Saturday before the snow levels raised to about 3,500'.  Since Sat night and through Sunday it has been pretty much rain or rain/snow mix.  SL is suppose to drop to 2,000' and stay low all week with another storm Wed.
As of 7:30am the rain is turning to snow at Hyak and the snow that is left from the weekend is wet slop, even too wet to make a snowman.
Base: 4"

   November 3, 2011
First 'storm' of the year and it left us with white on the ground.  By mid day most was gone, but the first real snowfall of the year has hit the pass.  Found survey crews on the hill marking out the Rampart lift. Rumor is that installation of the footings stats next season??

October 31, 2011
Halloween and first sign of snow at the pass level.  A few flakes falling, but that is about it.  The ski area has been doing a lot of work over the summer on Hidden Valley with tree clearing and finishing up on the grading.



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