FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 2017

(March 27 report) The season ended with snow, still great coverage on the hill from top to bottom at Hyak. West closed a week earlier then Hyak March 26. Central will run a couple more weeks then finish out with Alpental.   Overall a great season even with less then average snowfall once again. 
Base: 7'


First week of February

Crazy, that is what it was last weekend with about 5' of snow falling. Since then we have had some rain and a little snow melt, but another 14" or so fell after that.  Seems Feb is trying to make up for the very lame January. 
Base: 7'+


Jan 28th

Not as cold as it has been, but still staying pretty much below freezing.  A little more snow over the past couple weeks but nothing too crazy.  So far snowfall is below normal, but with little to no melt the coverage is still good.
Base: 4 1/2'



So far this season has been one of the coldest I can remember. There has not been one thaw day since the start of the season and temps continue to run in the teens and 20's.  This makes for awesome dry snow, but cold and its tough to keep the feet and hands warm.  This weekend is supposed to be more of the same with high temps in the low to mid teens.


2017 is starting off awesome

The past weekend was almost perfect. About 8" of fresh over firm with temps in the low 20's it made for some very dry powder riding.  I don't think we have had any melting so far this season so even though we are a bit below normal in snowfall, the cold temps have preserved all that has fallen and our depth is very good with the quality far above normal.  
Base: 4 1/2'


Opening week

Hyak kicked off its season on Monday, Dec 26th. Conditions were fun with about 6" of fluffy dry over last weeks rain crust. Temps in the low 20's so snow was good all day, never heavied up. Forecast for the week is for 2'-3' more snow.  
Base: 5'


Hyak opens tomorrow

Hyak kicks off the season tomorrow morning!  Tomorrow night they are expecting a foot of snow to fall, bummer I will miss out.  Temps are still hanging cold, in the low 20s during the day for the most part. 
Base: 4'

Opening weekend

Epic snow for the first weekend.  All areas (except Hyak) were open, even night skiing was going. Coverage is good and the snow doesn't get much better.  Temps in the low 20's and around 2' of snow fell from fri - sunday. A skier died at Alpental Sunday, falling into a tree well.  The snow is fun, but it is also a dangerous time.  Temps are predicted to fall to around zero this weekend so it should be a chill'n one. 
Base: 3'

Opening week

Our first real storm produced enough snow, and good quality stuff to open the slopes.  Tuesday the 6th was kickoff for West, this weekend Central and Alpental open too as well as night skiing!  Snow and very cold temps are predicted through the next week.
Base: 24"

November 2016

The snow is falling finally. Though it is almost the end of November and we only have a few inches of snow, at least we have some.  Outlook is looking for a good winter so I hope it pans out. So far the big snowfall of the season is 7".  =)
Base: 3"