Re-Birth of the Hyak Oly Can
This is a picture of the original 
painting of the Olympia Beer 
design on the Hyak water tower.
Prior to the famous Oly Hop 
design the tower was painted 
with the colors of the Heidelberg 
Beer can. I had heard when 
Olympia purchased the Heidelberg 
company the tower was repainted 
but I can't confirm.

The red stripes on top/bottom were 
part of the old Heidelberg can yet to 
be painted.. 

Year unknown.


After many decades of rain, 
snow and sun the paint really 
shows the wear. If you look 
close you will notice red under 
the white paint along with the 
gold stripe on the top (and there 
was one on the bottom too). 
This is from the original paint 
scheme of the Heidelberg Beer 


A new white coat over the 
majority of the tower covers 
up years of  weathering.


Painting has started on the 


Horseshoe painted, and other 
details taking shape.


From a distance.  Not much 
progress in the past week.



Rains kept running the paint 
causing them to need to re-do
their work.  This occured 
numerous times.


Streaks re-painted.


At one point they had the 
words SUMMIT "at Snoqualmie" 
but for some reason they painted 
back over the "at Snoqualmie" part. 
Well, overall the job looks good. 
Public Skiing started on Snoqualmie 
Pass in 1933.  1937 was the year 
of the first rope tow so I guess that 
is what 1937 represents.

Good job guys!