Pictures from Hyak
1981 - Present
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Russ 4/12/98
 jl, 4/12/98
 Pete- Rob- Tracy, 3/95
 jl, 2/96
 jl Dino-Chair 2/99
 Mike lot43-Hyak  2/99
 Troy in the powder on Dinosaur. 2/27/99
 jl going down Rampart 2/99
  Picture from spring '99 
submitted by Hyak res.
 Pete on Blowdown 2/00
 TomK 3/31/2001
 Pete on upper New-Cut 
 TomK in the deep-heavy 
powder.  1/20/2002
Rick riding his short-fat ski's 
through the Hyak trees.  1/27/02
 Rob dying on the hike up. 
December, 2001
 Guess his legs didn't hold out? 
Rob - December, 2001
 Glen Plake at Hyak
 Brett, May 2002 at the top of the Keechelus chair.
 John, Hyak face 1996
Kerry on Blowdown 
Danny, Erin, Lisa, Ty, John 
Hyak summit.
Taking a jump on Teddy Bear Trail
 Pete behind the Dinosaur Chair 
Feb, 2003
TomK on the Dinosaur Cliffs 
Feb, 2003
 Picture taken by Randy from 
Sundance Condo.  2/1/2004
 First day on a snowboard 
Feb, 2004
Steve on the Dinosaur Cliffs 
Jan 2006
Ed under the Dino
March 2006
Rachel going down the 
holy-oly pipe. 4/16/2006
Zeb's first day on a snowboard
Easter Sunday 2006
Rachel on a snowy Sunday afternoon.
Feb 25, 2007

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