American River Ski Bowl
(1935- 1950s)  (also known as American Forks)
Vertical Drop:  500'
Top: 4,000'
Base: 3,500'
Lifts:  2 rope tows, ski jump, 4 open slopes
Note: Read article written about this ski area.

1949 Sportsman Guide

Jan 17, 1937 -  Yakima Ski Tournament"
The first big ski tournament in the Yakima Valley was held at the American River Ski bowl.  3,000 spectators witnessed Jess Baird win.

One of the oldest original ski lodges in the United States, built in 1935!
Also the Ski Bowl has the largest outhouse in the world, (20 - holer) that is still in use today.

Personal Note:  In the late 70's I was a camp counselor at the site.  I remember the lodge being of good size, log style. The ski runs were still visible with the main hill up from the lodge still clear of trees and off to the right there was one or two cleared ski runs that returned back to the lodge.  In the 80's I returned a couple times with a group to do some sledding on the hill (the lodge was always open to the public in these days for use).  I hope to make a return trip soon to see how it has changed and to take pictures.

Ski Lodge