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Notes 2002/2003 season

First Snow: 9-30-2002
Last  Snow: 5-17-2003
Season Total: 243.5"

5/9/2003: The snow at the back of my cabin is now just patches and the measuring stick has fallen.  The most snow during the season that *I* measured was 5.5 feet, far below normal and the lowest since I've been tracking (1998).  This will be the last entry for the season, see ya next year.
Snow: 0

4/25/2003: Yesterday we received an unexpected 3"-5" of new snow.  I went up today at noon to get in another hike and the new snow was nice for the ride down. Coverage is still about the same as last week except the snow is creeping up the hill and you can only go down about halfway between the water tower and the Keechelus lift.  I would suspect the snow will have receeded up to the forest service road by next week if progress continues as is....  My snow depth stick is also beginning to lean due to lack of snow holding it up.
Snow: 2'

4/17/2003: Today I took a lunchtime hike up to the top. The hike started out with partly cloudy skies and fairly nice.  The snow cover is still pretty good with spots of dirt in the high sun exposed sections of some of the steeper runs.  When I arrived near Milwaukee Ridge it started to snow lightly and by the time I got to the Dinosaur Chair it was snowing hard (ugggg) and I had no gloves or goggles. ....I thought it would be sunny......  Anyway, the snow was nice going down and not slow at all.  Coverage is still pretty good all the way down to the Keechelus lift.
Snow: 3'

4/7/2003: A little more snow through the week and now a little rain.  The areas are all closed except for Alpental and the season is coming to an end, but the snow cover is still good enough for hiking, sleding, etc.....  Make sure you WAX and look out for the renegade snowmobiles that might happen to be out on the slopes.
Snow: 3 1/2'

3/26/03: More new snow!  I was able to get away today at lunch and hiked up. Lots of fresh snow, deep and heavy.  I was post-hole'n up to my knees much of the way when I was off the broken trail.  The ride down was slow and staying to the steeps was a must.  Coverage is good all over, as good as its been all year and this years Ski Down will be no problem, but rain is forcast.
Snow: 4'

3/25/03: Wet snow, but we've been getting a couple inches per day since the weekend.  The snow is not stacking up, but at least its holding up for some spring turns. Hyak has turned into the hiking hill with a lot of foot traffic since the lifts were shut down.  The lifts will be back in service this saturday for the Ski Down and it looks like the snow should be in OK shape.
Snow: 3 3/4'

3/18/03: The rain is gone and light snow has fallen off and on the past few days. The creeks have done their damage again in the usual areas, but so far the snow is still holding up...and just needs to last a couple more weeks to make it through the Ski Down.  The Summit has closed Hyak for downhill, last weekend being it for lift service.
Snow: 3 1/2'

3/11/03: RAIN RAIN RAIN.  It is raining, and raining hard.  The wonderful dry powder is now wet, heavy glop and is packing down.  The forcast is for rain all week and high snow levels so no relief in site until maybe Sunday.  The creeks may take over again?
Snow: 4 1/2'

3/8/03: The snow is still falling hard with another 8"+ added since yesterday AM.  We should be topping the 6' mark tomorrow and things are looking good for skiing on into April.
Snow: 5 1/2'+

3/7/03: WINTER HAS ARRIVED!  The past few days its been snowing and last night dropped 20"+.  Finally, the snow depth stick is not stuck on the 3' mark, but we've moved up beyond 5' and they predict another 10"-12" tonight.  If snow levels stay at or below 3,000' through Sunday we might pickup another couple feet beyond this.....  The snow that fell last night is also VERY FLUFFY......
Snow: 5'+

2/27/03: Its SNOWING!  Tempratures were COLD this past week falling into the 10-17 degree range and something we really needed to freeze up the snow and slowdown the snow melt.  Still the snow is hanging around the 3' depth but more snow is forcast for the weekend.
Snow: 3'

2/23/03: New snow followed by colder tempratures.  Saturday it snowed off and on all day with temps running in the low 30's.  About 4"-6" had fallen friday night/sat morning and today it was clearing and colder.  Temps are predicted to drop into the teens the next couple days.  Maybe winter will finally arrive?
Snow: 3'+

2/17/03: About 4"-5" of new, wet snow but at least its snow and not rain.  It was a good day overall compared to what I've been used to. Blowdown and the Dino area were fun!
Snow: 3'

2/14/03: Not much has changed. Its been clear and cool at night, sunny in the day for the past week but this weekend the weather is suppose to change and bring more rain and snow?  The groomers have had their hands full keeping these runs in shape, finding snow whereever possible to keep the dirt and rocks covered.  Still a gloomy outlook for the season with no winter storms in the forcast.
Snow: 3' -

2/9/2003: Sun and cold morning tempratures to start kept the snow in fairly good shape..  There hasn't been any new snow in awhile, but what we have isn't bad. The cold nights are drying out the snow a bit making for decent conditions but we really do need more snow.  Still have just under 3' and on the slopes there are many bare spots from the creek melt of the past few weeks.  Nothing but sunshine is predicted through next weekend so no new snow, but I guess its better then more rain.
Snow: 3' +/-

2/2/2003: Low snow levels were predicted for the weekend and 3"-5" per day. Well, what we got was about 3,500' snow levels and a mix of rain/snow at all Snoqualmie areas through the weekend.  Continued snow melt is leaving the resorts in horrible shape and I am very suprised to see that Hyak is still in lift operation. The creeks are having their way and the area looks like a typical late April/Early May condition instead of the first week of February.  I've been told that this is the #2 or #3 worst condtions ever at Snoqualmie at this time.  I'm still hoping for a late season recovery, but it better happen soon.
Snow: Under 3'

1/30/2003: Same old story, new snow followed by rain.  Received 4" yesterday followed by rain and after packing/melt its about 2" total today.  A warm front is expected to come through for the next couple days so I hope it doesn't melt too much.  We don't have much to spare.
Snow: 3'+

1/26/2003:  I don't remember when it has rained so hard for so long.  It started raining Saturday around noon and continued on through the night into Sunday and it was raining HARD.  The snow is melting down and creeks are beginning to show at the lower slopes of Hyak.  If we don't get more snow before next weekend I would not be suprised if the close the area for alpine.  Rocks and dirt are beginning to show and if temps stay this warm along with more rain there is no way the snow will hold up.  Its been a tough year so far.
Snow: 3'

1/23/2003: WET AND HEAVY! After 7" tuesday and 4" more wednesday we get 12+ hrs of rain to make our new snow good and heavy.  The snow is about as wet and heavy as NW snow gets and the new snow of almost a foot has compated down to 6"-8".  I'll start counting the snow total in feet even though I usually don't start that until we get 5'...its getting late enough in the year, what the heck.
Snow: 3 1/2'

1/19/2003: Its getting to be the same ol' story again and again. Another week of no new snow, clear cold tempratures and sunshine.  The temprature has stayed cold enough this past week to keep the snow in pretty good shape and today I was even able to go off the groomed runs with little trouble. The snowfall of last sunday sure made a difference, but we still have many branches coming through the snow.
Snow: 32"

1/13/2003: After nearly a foot of snow fell this past Saturday night/Sunday light rain followed to pack the snow down and make what did fall into heavy mush. The snow was much needed but we still need lots more.  More is forcast for Monday night/Tuesday with clearing after that.
Snow: 32"

1/10/2003: Another clear and cold day.  The snow was well groomed and in good shape...but nothing has changed since last saturday.  Weather reports say possible snow this weekend and into next week.
Snow: 24"

1/5/2003: Today was clear and sunny and the snow was rock hard after last nights freeze. I'm told it was raining most of the day yesterday so with the snow settling and melt from the warm weather we have about 2' left.  We need more snow soon or we will be in big trouble.
Snow: 24"

1/2/2003: 12" new snow followed up by a warm front and rain.  The rain had just started about an hour before I arrived and no telling how long it will last.  The forcast is for snow levels of 3,000'-6,000' for the next few days so there is a chance we could be in for a few days of rain, or it may just change back to snow and dump another foot, who knows?  Hopefully Hyak will be open by next friday for downhill.
Snow: 32"

12/31/2002: About 6" new since Sunday and things are looking more like winter.  The weather predictions are calling for rising snow levels thurs. so I'll keep my fingers crossed that if it happens its not going to go too long, or won't result in rain and too much snow melt.  If we can keep the snow falling though, I'd say Hyak should be open in a week or so.  Alpental should be opening soon as well.
Snow: 22"

12/29/2002: Summit West opened Friday and Central followed Saturday.  Hyak Nordic opened today but not enough snow for downhill ski/board just yet.  Storms kicked in after Christmas dumping 15"+ and low snow levels.  More snow is predicted over the next week so if conditions are good we may see Hyak open for downhill next weekend??
Snow: 16"

12/23/2002: Looks like my prediction of a christmas opening is not going to happen.  Since last week about 1" has fallen, but depths are far below what is needed to get the resorts open.  Forcasts call for snow over the holiday so who knows?
Snow: 4"

12/16/2002: Since my last report a little more snow had fallen then the warm fronts moved in.  RAIN RAIN RAIN all weekend taking what little snow we had and bringing  it down to around 2"-3". When I left Monday the snow levels were dropping and the rain was changing over to snow in the AM.  Predictions through the week are for low snow levels of 2k-2500' and 4"-6"/day.
Snow: 3"

12/10/2002: The storms have arrived!  About 4" on the ground and the snow is still falling...  Keep your fingers crossed......10" expected tonight with more predicted through the week.
Snow: 4"

12/4/2002: Well, what a suprise.  Seems the slopes have been hit with 2"-4" new snow (unexpected). No more new snow is predicted until next week when we should be heading into our normal weather patterns and snow should then start to fall.  Maybe a christmas opening??  That is my prediction anyway.....
New Snow: 2"

12/2/2002: We have been hit with a high-pressure system for a couple weeks now, and its expected to stay at least another week blocking any storm that may come our way.  Its going to be a late season start, that's for sure.  No snow on the slopes and lots of sunshine.....  El Nino?
I did find it interesting that the temprature at the summit was 31 and 26 at Hyak due to the current weather conditions.

11/18/2002: Mix rain and snow at the lower levels but snow falling up top. I hiked up with the dog and there was about 1" at the Ski Patrol shack.

11/9/2002: Snow was falling at the pass but not sticking below 4,000'.

11/4/2002: Rain has returned and snow levels are around 6,000'.  Still normal weather patterns and this fall has been like the others with a dusting
around halloween but nothing significant.  Hope to see a good storm in the next couple weeks!

10/31/2002:  Tempratures have fallen well below normal and some areas are hitting single digits.  No snow in the near forcast, but I'm sure its not
far away now.

10/11/2002:  The early snow is all gone and tempratures are back near 50.

9/30/2002:  Today was the first snowfall on the slopes just above the 3000' level.  It didn't stay long but its a sign of things to come. 



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