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Notes  2004/2005 season
First Snowfall: 10/23/2004
Final  Snowfall: 4/14/2005
Season Total: 190.5"

5/3/2005: Looks like we won't hit 200" this season after all.  Snow is pretty much gone below 4,500' and temps are staying pretty consistantly up in the 60s.  Chinook Pass finally opened last week so that is the place to get some runs.  This will be the last report of the season...............
Base: n/a

4/26/2005: I haven't been up in almost 2 weeks and the snow has all disappeared.  A few piles here and there, but for the most part the snow is all gone below about 3,500'.  Warm, sunny weather has returned so its time to get the mountain bikes out.
Base: 0

4/12/2005: It was snowing at the pass when I left today around 1pm and they predict 4"-6" by tomorrow.  Snow has packed/melted down to around 1' so if there is going to be any more skiing we need some new snow.  Summit West is showing dirt patches on the slopes, I'm suprised they were able to be open Sunday.
Base: 12"

4/3/2005: The snow level didn't stay low as predicted and we've had light rain on/off all day.  The snow has packed down to about 2.5' and is very wet.  We really need a couple cold nights to freeze what we have so it doens't keep melting.  More snow/rain is predicted for the next few days.
Base: 2'+

4/2/2005: Snow is still stacking up. Summit West re-opened yesterday and Alpental opens for the second time this season, but this time chair 2 is also suppose to run.  We have more snow now then at any time this season with around 3' at Hyak after last nights 6" and close to 4' at Alpental.
Base: 3'

3/29/2005: ITS SNOWING!  We have 2' of snow on the ground and it contiues to snow hard.  Snow levels are suppose to go up wed afternoon through thurs then back down to 2,000' through the weekend and more snow is predicted.  The summit is grooming the slopes getting ready for a re-opening.  Saturday we had around 16" fall and another 11" yesterday.
Base: 24"

3/17/2005: Finally more snow!  After more then a month of nothing we finally get a small storm rolling through. About 8" of snow fell up at the summit and 6" at Hyak.  More snow/rain is predicted over the weekend but snow levels originally predicted to be around 2,500'-3,000' are now showing 3,500'-4,000'.  Hopefully we'll get a few more inches of snow and if we are lucky another spring storm will move through next week.  (wishful thinking)
Base: 4"

3/10/2005: Well, the temprature is in the mid 50's today as it has been for the past week or more. The snow is gone, except for a few patches here and there and the area looks like mid May rather then mid March.  My hope for late snow storms is pretty much done so I will look forward to next season.  This is easily the worse snow season since the 1940s.
Base: 0

3/2/2005: I feel like a broken record...  Nothing has really changed since mid December as we have around 2"-5" of snow, sunshine and no snow in the extended forcast.  The summit has been able to open up the pipe at Central with the use of its new snowmaking equipment, but pretty much all the ski areas are shut down waiting on more snow.
Base: 3"

2/17/2005:Cold, clear and still not much snow.  We received more last weekend, but nothing close to what is needed to open. The winter from hell continues.
Base: 12"

2/7/2005: Finally, the winter weather pattern has returned to normal. We received between 6"-8" this weekend to somewhat cover up the bare patches, but we need much more before we can get things open again.  Its a start.
Base: 10"

1/28/2005: Still warm and now snow is in the near future.  The hill looks much like a normal May or June day, unfortunatly it is late January.
Base: 6"

1/20/2005: Warm and rainy.  The temp is running in the low 40s and rain is falling off/on today.  The snow is melting pretty fast and I'd be very suprised if the area was open this weekend. Stevens Pass closed until more snow falls and I'm sure Snoqualmie, White and Crystal will do the same.
Base: 15"

1/16/2005: COLD and RAIN.   We received around 9" of dry snow with temps running around 10 degrees.  A warm front is now over-running the cold air and we are getting light rain and tempratures are still around 13 degrees.  Rain is predicted for next week and high snow levels so things do not look good.
Base: 24"

1/13/2005: The weather man was predicting 12"-18" new snow last night, but we ended up with a grand total of 1".  Its still fairly cold and snowing lightly off/on but nothing to get excited about.  Its suppose to warm up this weekend with more snow, but rising snow levels which could get scary.
Base: 16"

1/10/2005: Its still below-normal cold (temps running in the teens-20s) and light snowfall has been falling off and on.  Only a couple more inches have fallen since I was here last week.
Base: 15"

1/6/2005: Its been darn cold this past week with temps dropping down to around 10 degrees but little snow.  Today the first storm of the year is coming in and so far today about 1" has fallen and about 3"-5" is expected.  More snow is forcast for the weekend into next week along with more cold temps (a good thing).  Central is scheduled to partially open this weekend as well.
Base: 15"

12/31/2004: The last day of the year and it is looking more like winter.  Only a bit more then a foot on the ground, but West is scheduled to finally open tomorrow.  I got my first run of the year, coming from the top of Hyak down the face to the load of Keechelus.  The top half was great, but the lower half I was hitting small trees and such, but still was fun.  More snow is forcast for the weekend.
Base: 14"

12/16/2004: The rains did come last weekend and it put a big halt to the opening of the ski area with the loss of around 18".  No snow is forcast for the near future so a LATE LATE start is looking more likely.  Hopefully we'll get some snow before the new year.
Base: 12"

12/9/2004: Big snow fell yesterday (21")and it looks as though Summit West will open Saturday with a base of around 2 1/2'.  Rain is predicted for the next couple days before the snow levels drop back down Saturday and hopefully we will get a bit more snow before the clear and sunny days predicted next week.
Base: 26"

12/7/2004: The snow is falling and finally starting to pile up.  Today I had to shovel my parking and the DOT closed I-90 2 times for accidents.  Warm temps are predicted for a day or 36hrs then more snow after that.
Base: 12"

11/27/2004: A weekend of snow and the place is starting to look like winter.  Around 5" of snow is on the ground and temps are going down.  More snow is predicted for next week as well.
Base: 5"

11/18/2004: 4" of new snow and more snow predicted.  Its getting closer to Thanksgiving and that means closer to opening.  I can now report a base, though it is only a little, it is something.
Base: 2"

11/2/2004: The temprature has dropped from 47 degrees around midnight to 32 degrees at 12:30pm and it is snowing.  A couple inches fell yesterday (most melted) and it is suppose to snow this afternoon and tonight.  Nothing to get excited about, but it is snow.

10/26/2004: A little snow fell over saturday (around 1/2") at road level but didn't last long.

10/9/2004: Well, so far we've had a couple dustings from 4,500' and above but it melted after a couple days.  Nothing out of the ordinary so far, no big changes for the upcoming season at the ski areas, or here on the website except for the  addition of the new store.  GO GET YOUR SNOQUALMIE GEAR!!!

9/20/2004: Snow above 4,500' along the upper peaks and ridges in the area.




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