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Notes2003/2004 season

First Snowfall: 9/16/2003
Final Snowfall: 4/28/2004
Season Total: 389"

5/13/2004: I was able to drive up the forest service road, but still not able to make it to the summit. Its been a good year...no more notes til' September but I'll still be adding some pictures from time to time..

5/6/2004: Ok, the snow is now gone from the cabin. At least where the measuring stick was located because its laying flat on the ground. I tried to drive up the forest service road but was able to only go about 20' before I hit snow.
Base: 0

4/29/04: Well, we finally got snow in April the other day when 1 big inch fell in the big APRIL SNOWSTORM of 2004! The snow at cabin central is measuring around 1' and I still can't drive up the forest service road.... Give it another couple weeks and the road should be ok AND I'd guess the snow should be pretty much gone from the cabin area.
Base: ~1'

4/16/2004:The closest thing we've had to snow in quite awhile last night. Mix rain/snow with snowfall above 4,000' but today its back to sunshine. I hiked up and got in a run today at noon. The snow was nice and soft, but its getting very thin from about halfway down to bare below the Keechelus lift.
Base: 2'

4/9/2004: Still warm weather and sun........ The coverage is suprisingly still good from the top down to the Keechelus load area. Beyond that it starts to get pretty nasty, but you can still ride all the way to the lodge if you hug the trees along the dino. I hiked up today and the snow was in great shape. Not too slow and not too dirty yet. I was up at noon and there was one other skier on the hill as well eating luch up top.
Base:3 1/2'

4/4/2004: The warm weather and sunshine continue and the snow is on the out. Snowpack is around 4' now and coverage on the face is still good down past the Keechelus load, about 200' beyond, then it gets pretty patchy. The Nordic closed up this weekend so the official sled season has begun!
Base: 4'

4/2/2004: Its been warm and the snow is melting but there is still a nice snowpack at all the Snoqualmie areas. I went for some boarding at Central before hiking back over to Hyak and the coverage at Hyak is actually better then what I see around the Central park area.....getting pretty thin. I believe this is the last weekend for Central and West and the Nordic is closing up as well. Sunshine is predicted all weekend and March ended with a pathetic snowfall total..
Base: 4'+

3/20/2004: Ski-Down #5 today and the weather couldn't have been much better. We had received about 6"-8" in the past 36hrs and today was sunshine. The turnout for this Hyak Ski Down seemed a bit more then I'd seen, but considering the weather that's not hard to see why. Snow is still pretty much the same depth in most spots, but around where the creek crosses the slopes down low there are some nasty holes opening up.
Base: 5 1/2'

3/15/2004: The snowmelt is very apparent and new snow is not in the forcast for the next 10 days. The Hyak ski area is closed for the season, but the 5th annual Ski Down is this Saturday.
Base: 5 1/2'

3/7/2007: Warm and drizzle all day. The snow is slowly receeding and warm weather is forcast for the next week and maybe longer. Looks like spring is here, but I'm sure we'll still have a couple more good powder days before the season is done.
Base: 5 1/2'

3/2/2004: Another sunny, warm day. The snow has been slowly receeding/compacting and is now down to 6' at my measuring site. Snow is predicted for later this week and I sure hope March is better then February was.
Base: 6'

2/22/2004: Nice sunny day today. The Summit has piled up a large amount of snow just below the water tower to get ready for the building of the pipe for next weekend. About 1' of snow fell throughout the past week with a bit of rain mixed in and totals still hang around 6 1/2'-7'+ range.
Base: 7'

2/16/2004: A bit more snow, cool tempratures and little change in the weather pattern. It was nice and sunny through the mid week but it snowed most of the day today. The snowpack is between 6 1/2 feet and 7 feet and continues to slowly build
Base: 6 3/4'

2/8/2004: A few more inches of snow over the past few days and temps hanging around the upper 20s to low 30s has kept the snowpack pretty much stable, around 6 /12'. It was a nice weekend with light snow saturday and mostly sunny sunday.
Base: 6 1/2'

2/2/2004: The few days of heavy rain and warm tempratures last week didn't hurt the snowpack as much as I had expected it would. It was followed up with about 1 1/2' of new snow this past weekend and currently tempratures are in the upper 20s, snow is falling and predicted to continue off/on through the week.
Base: 6 1/2'

1/25/2004: Another great day with close to a foot of new snow over the weekend, most falling Saturday afternoon/night. The snow was not bad, but got a bit heavy as the day went on when the tempratures got close to freezing and it was snowing most of the afternoon. Visibility in the AM was horrible, but got better and by the afternoon it was pretty good. Coverage is great everywhere and fresh snow is easy to find.
Base: 6'+

1/20/2004: Some light snow has fallen with a bit of rain in the past week and tempratures have been running in the 30-36 degree range packing down the snow. Colder weather is predicted for the weekend coming up along with more snow.
Base: 5 1/2'

1/11/2004: The tempratures are now hovering around freezing (just above or below) ,no precipitation and with little change in the forcast for the next 5 days. Good coverage everywhere on the mtn! Also, I've been up 5 times and have yet to be asked to show any sort of lift ticket and I've had non showing....FWIW
Base: 6'

1/9/2004: The tempratures have warmed up to normal, around 28 degrees and the snow is starting to turn from nice, dry powder to our regular heavier type powder. Still, its nice to see this much powder so early in the season. Over 6' now on the ground at cabin central.
Base: 6'+

1/4/04: Its COLD (8 degrees when I arrived and 10 degrees at noon) and the snow is great!
Base: 5'+

1/2/04: Another great day with dry snow, new powder and partial sunshine. The forcast for the next week or so calls for the same ol' thing, ocassional snow and cold tempratures. The snowpack has stayed around 5' because the snow has been packing down about the same rate as its falling. It has NOT been melting, that is forsure. Tempratures have been running in the 15 - 25 degree range.
Base: 5'

12/28/03: Cold and snowy is the forcast for most of the next week. The conditions today were better then I've seen in quite some time. 10" fell last night and another foot is expected by tomorrow with tempratures in the 20s.
Base: 5'

12/23/03: I went hiking around on the hill a bit today and saw they had most of the runs groomed. Looks as though the grooming took place a few days ago, or maybe last weekend except for Creek Run for X-Country skiers. The off-piste snow has a LOT of hard crust, thick enough to hold me and also thick enough to not be too much fun to ski/board on. The lifts are suppose to kick into gear Friday and new snow is expected so hopefully it will be enough to cover up this crust.
Base: 4'

12/22/03: The snowfall has taken a break and temps have been doing the yo-yo thing so our snow is NOT the nice powder it was a couple weeks ago, but at least we have a good base. Lifts were suppose to kick off last weekend but it has been delayed for, who knows what. Saturday is the new kick-off date for lift service at Hyak and more snow is also predicted for the weekend! The snow is currently crusty and crud.
Base: 4'

12/15/03: More snow fell overnight and is currently still falling lightly. Rumor is that Hyak might be opening next weekend and they should with much more then sufficient snowpack to handle the skiers.
Base: 4 3/4'

12/14/03: What an awesom day! Over 2' of snow in the past 24 hrs of the light, fluffy NW type. The snowpack is well over 4' now and all areas are operating except of course Hyak. Snow is forcast throughout the week so things just keep looking better.
Base: 4 1/2'

12/11/03: I've been out of town the past 10 days but still keeping monitoring what has been going on via the internet. So far we've received 106" for the season, doing real well, and according to the DOT site at Hyak there is 43" on the ground. I'll be back in town this weekend and should have a first-hand report as well as an updated picture.
Base: 3 1/2'

12/1/03: After some rain friday and warmer tempratures it has again cooled down and the snow is now rock hard. The bridge at Alpental collapsed Saturday which could cause a lot of trouble opening that area....but they did get the Keechelus lift completed Sunday so Hyak is now ready to go. Some snow is forcast for this week, though not as much as we've had the past couple. I'll be out of town for the next 10 days so I hope to see at least 4' of snow and all the areas open when I return.
Base: 30"

11/29/03: The snowfall has taken a break and we now have some of our familiar November rain to pack down our powder. The Summit opened yesterday with around a 3' base and today even with the drizzle the parking lots look packed. Future snow reports keep changing from day to day so we may end up with a week of rain, or another 2' of snow......we just don't know. The measuring stake still shows 30" after the packdown even after the snowfall that had fallen the past couple days. Its rumored the Nordic Center will open next weekend......
Base: 30"

11/26/03: Finally I made it up to Hyak and found it looked a lot like January instead of November. I haven't seen this much snow before Thanksgiving for quite some time, and the Summit is scheduled to open on the 28th, Friday....even though they really should be opening today. After a brief rise in snow levels thursday afternoon and friday snow is predicted to return.
Base: 30"

11/24/2003: I go out of town and we get dump after dump. When I left there was about 1"-2" and since there have been dumps of 5", 9.5" twice and a couple inches here and there. Anyway, the DOT picture looks great and reports show 20" on the ground so I'll go by that for now until I get a chance to make it up myself to check it out (hopefully tomorrow). Reports say people are hiking up and skiing/boarding the face at Hyak.
Base: 20"

11/16/2003: It snowed about 1"-2" yesterday and this AM it began to snow again, harder then yesterday with at least another 1" as I was leaving at 9am. If the snow levels this week hold we could have a good pile in the next few days.
Base: 2"

11/9/2003: Its still cold for this time of year, but little snow so far. Traces / patches of snow on the frozen ground...

10/30/2003: A dusting of snow yesterday and a little more snow is expected this weekend. Nothing to get excited about yet, but cool weather has hit for now.

10/21/2003: No significant snowfall since what fell on 9/16. Last week snow fell at about 4,000' but its all gone now.

9/16/2003: We received our first traces of snow a bit early this year. At noon today I was up at the pass and it was 34 degrees and snowing lightly. The snow was not sticking to the road level, but about 500' higher the ground was dusted with snow...... 



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