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Notes  2005/2006 season
First Snowfall: 10/31/2005
Final  Snowfall: 5/8/2006
Season Total: 431"

5/30/2006: Memorial day and still lots of snow at Alpental with skiers/boarders hiking up.  Only snow on the
upper part of Hyak and the north end runs, not really anything worth hiking for.  A good season has come
to an end, but hopefully I'll get in a hike at Alpental before the snow is gone.  Snow at the cabin is just 
patches here and there and my measuring stick has fallen which means this is my last entry of the season.
Base: 0"

5/19/2006: The snow is melting off fast as tempratures have been well above normal.  Hiking is still good on 
the sun protected areas, but Hyak and Central are pretty much done.  Alpental and West still look good.
Base: 6"

5/6/2006: Last weekend of Alpental and after a nice sunshine Friday rain has returned. I hear there is snow
up on International, but down low the temp is in the upper 30s and we have rain.  Still lots of folks turned
out for the final weekend of lift service in WA.
Base: 30"

4/28/2006: Sunshine and still lots of snow.  Alpental has announced they will run lifts through May7 which
would set a record of being open for 6 months.  Hyak still has plenty of snow to get you from top to
bottom, but past the Keechelus load the creeks have melted a lot of snow.
Base: 4'

4/16/2006: Easter weekend and the snow has returned. No large amounts, but a couple inches to cover up
the dirty snow and make things look nicer.  The sun was out early Sunday with heavy snow falling mid day
then more sun later in the afternoon.  Typical spring day.
Base: 5'

4/2/2006: Last lift-served day of the season and it ended well.  Nice weather after yesterday's 2"-3" snowfall 
and everyone had a good time.  Its been a good year, and the latest closing date for Hyak in many years.
The snow is melting at a pretty good pace.
Base: 5 1/2'

3/27/2006: I didn't make it up this past weekend but a few inches of snow, warm weather and it didn't
look all bad.  Hyak is open again next weekend!
Base: 6 1/2'

3/19/2006: It was a nice, sunshine day.  Temps started out cool, in the upper 20s but quickly warmed to
get the snow soft.  We did some riding in Hidden Valley in the open and through Slalom Run. The second
run down the snow was getting very soft/mushy from the sun.  On the return we did the Milwaukee Bowl 
on down to the nordic trail.  Good day!
Base: 7'

3/10/2006: INSANE powder!  2 feet of dry powder followed by sunshine and temps in the 20s make for 
perfect conditions today. I'll be first in line tomorrow to take advantage of the lifts.
Base: 8'

2/26/2006: Yesterday was another Holy Oly and I hear it went over well.  The 1/4pipe is 47' tall, freak'n
huge and with all the new snow and cold temps the conditions were great and still are today.  Dino is more
tracked out then I can ever remember seeing it so I hung out on the north end runs, mostly Serpentine
and that area. 
Base: 6 1/2'

2/23/2006: Snowing hard!  Over a foot has fallen in the past couple days and much more expected tonight.
Booth is building the Holy Oly 1/4pipe today...dang that thing is big.  Its our pic of the week.
Base:6 1/2'

2/20/2006: After a week of very clear/cold weather the clouds rolled in today and brought some light
snowfall. The snow has copacted down, is firm but not rock since the cold has kept it in ok shape.
Base: 6'+

2/13/2006: We are in a dry pattern so not much to report. It is suppose to get pretty cold in the next
few days which could give us some pretty hard/crappy snow conditions. 
Base: 6 1/2'

2/5/2006: Excellent conditions today with 9" of light new snow on top of a good base of snow.  Forecast
is for a break in the storm pattern and for a week of sunshine. 
Base: ~ 7'

1/31?2006: Snow totals have gone over 300" so far for the season, aprox. 115% of normal.  Not record
setting, but after the 50% of normal December things have been looking good.

1/29/2006: Another 2' has fallen in the past 2 days.  Conditions are excellent and forcast is for 1'-2' more
to fall tonight with snow predicted through the next week. 
Base: 6 1/2'

1/22/2006: More snow over the past few days.  Temps running a bit warm (low 30s) so the snow is
a bit on the heavy side.  So far things are looking very average as far as snow this year.
Base: 5 1/2'

1/15/2006: What a great day.  9" of nice powder on top of the 5' of snow that had fallen through the week
made for one nice day of boarding. It continued to snow all day making 8 or 9 days straight of snowfall. 
Base: 4 1/2'

1/13/2006: SNOW SNOW- Its coming down in large quantitiy now and about 4' has fallen this week
alone. Early snow was followed up with rain, but the stuff that fell this past couple days is nice quality. 
The weather-gods have predicted this winter to be wet and cold so if all pans out we should be in for a
long spring. 
Base: 50"

1/8/2006: A few inches fell last night but temps are still near or above freezing.  We seem to be back in 
a storm track so hopefully the snow will start piling up soon rather then just maintaing the same depth. 
Base: ~30"

1/1/2006: The snow level has been bouncing between 2,500' and 3,500' all weekend  so the snow that 
has been falling is very wet, or keeps changing from snow, mix rain-snow, or lt rain.  Hyak opened for 
downhill operation yesterday with only the Keechelus lift running.  The creeks on the lower half of the 
hill have kept Little Gold from opening. 
Base: 30"

12/28/2005: Its snowing again!  The snow is very wet, but at least it is finally coming down. About 5" 
has fallen in the past 36hrs and its suppose to continue through new years. 
Base: 22"

12/25/2005: Christmas Day!  Warm temps and rain continue to be the pattern.  Weather forecast 
for the next week do call for lowering snow levels. It is needed very bad..... 
Base: 20"

12/19/2005: FREEZING RAIN!  After some brief snow (about 1") freezing rain began falling. 
Tempratures are still in the mid 20's but I'd guess in a day or 2 the cold air will be scooped out 
and warm, wet stuff will hang around through Christmas. 
Base: 2'

12/14/2005: After  a very brief visit of new snow (about 1") a couple days ago we are back to our clear 
and cold pattern.  After kicking off the season with great early conditions, the snowfall has now dipped 
a bit below normal.  I hope we can break this pattern soon and get back to some fresh powder. 
Base: 2 1/2'

12/9/2005: Clear and cold, that's what its been the past few days and in the forecast.  Central opened 
up today and the Nordic opens tomorrow. 

12/6/2005: The dry snow we've had for the past couple weeks is now gone. The snow we now have 
is the regular ol' NW heavy stuff.  No new snow in the near forecast. 
Base: 3'

12/3/2005: Alpental opened this weekend and I made it up Saturday for a short time in the AM. 
Snow coverage is great for early season, and temps hold in the 20's.  At Hyak the snow has just 
inched over the 3' mark. 
Base: 3'+

11/30/2005: Today is truly epic. The last day of November and we received around 2' of new snow 
in the past 36hrs and it is of the best PNW quality stuff!  Temps are staying in the 20's so the snow 
quality should remain good and a new storm is suppose to arrive tonight.  Alpental opens Friday and 
Central is to open a week later (who knows about Hyak since the Keechelus lift is still in pieces). 
Base: 2 1/2'

11/26/2005: The snow has been falling for a couple days now and temps are dropping.  It appears 
we have about 8"-9" new since Thanksgiving and I've heard the conditions at West are pretty good. 
Sled conditions on the Hyak slopes are very good!!!  I hope to hike the hill sometime this week. 
Base: 16"

11/21/2005: Tempratures are hanging a bit below freezing with heavy fog.  No new snow is forecast 
and the Summit is operating West on what appears to be somewhere around 12"-18" snowpack. 
Lots of dirt is showing through and it reminds me of mid-season last year.  I hope we get more snow soon. 
Base: 12"

11/15/2005: The sky has cleared and colder temps leaving some hard, icy snow.  Aprox. 6"- 24" at 
Hyak from the bottom to top and 20"+ at Alpental. The Alpental bridge is all done except for the 
roofing (now covered with snow).  The Keechelus lift is still apart with the haul rope and chairs laying in 
the snow. 
Base: 16"

11/13/2005: After a week of steady wet snow the it looks like a break in the weather pattern is finally 
forecast for next week (sunshine). At the time I was driving across the pass the snow level had risen 
and there was a mix rain/snow.  More snow is forecast for tonight then sun is to take over next week. 
Base: 24"  (2') 

11/9/2005: Summit West opens today.  Earliest opening in 10 years. 
Base: 16"

11/3/2005: Snowing hard. After about 6-8" had fallen in the past couple days, a little rain and now its 
snowing hard again.  Expecting up to a foot of now snow! 
Base: 4"

11/1/2005: Snowing!  I guess you could call this the first real storm of the season.  Many 
inches are hitting all of the ski passes and there is rumor that Crystal and Baker may open
in the next few days. 

10/31/2005: First snowfall of the season (1") hit the slopes today. 

10/28/2005: Snow fell aprox. 4,000' and up, maybe a couple inches at most. 

10/26/2005: A bit of snow above 5,000'.  Seems to be lift work on the Keechelus lift but so 
far no brush cutting at Hyak.  West ispretty well cut, but that seems to be the only place so 
far that I've seen to be mowed.  The Alpental bridge is about 80% done.

10/2/2005: The first dusting of snow fell today above 5,000' on upper Alpental, Rampart Ridge, 
Snoqulamie Mtn, etc. 



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