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Notes  2006/2007 season
First Snowfall: Oct 29, 2006
Final  Snowfall: May 4, 2007
Season Total: 364"

5/25/2007: The measuring stick has fallen, and only patches of snow remain around the lodge. Another 
season gone and only 5 months til the snow starts to fall again!
Base: ZERO

5/14/2007: A little snow fell above 4,000' Saturday night, but otherwise the snow is going away rapidly.
About 6" left at the Hyak cabin, enough to still keep my measuring stick standing, but it should fall 
sometime this week.   Shade protected slopes still have a couple feet or more but Hyak would be 
pretty tough to get down any further then the Oly can.  Alpental is still good to the lodge, but won't 
last too much longer down low with these warm temps.
Base: 6"

5/6/2007: Alpental's final weekend just concluded.  A bit of new snow fell over the week and I hear
Saturday was very crowded.  Good end to the season.
Base: 1 1/2'

4/29/2007: Great day at Alpental today.  Word is the season will go into May but next weekend 
will be the last.  Snow coverage is still good through the entire mtn.
Base: 2'

4/16/2007: A little bit of snow and Alpental's last weekend has been extended to at least next weekend
now (4/22). Coverage is still pretty good at all areas, though only Alpental remains open.
Base: 3 1/2'

4/06/2007: Its the warmest day so far this year.  Went for a ride at Central for a bit and the snow was
nice, but in the park lots of dirt showing up.  Central is scheduled to close after this weekend.
Base: 4 1/2'

3/26/2007: Well, a little snow, some rain and some sunshine the past couple weeks. Hyak is closed for
downhill and Nordic ends this weekend.  West also is scheduled to close this weekend as things begin
winding down as per usual.  Snow is below normal, so spring hiking will not last as long as normal.
Base: 5'

3/11/2007: A Pineapple Express has returned with warm temps and rain.  The snow had at one time 
reached 7 1/2' depth but now is back down to 6'. Hyak is scheduled to close after this coming weekend
for downhill. 
Base: 6'

2/25/2007: Snow continues to fall! 
Base: 7'

2/23/2007: Much needed snow has fallen all week! The Holy Oly is scheduled for tomorrow and 
conditions should be great!
Base: 6 1/2'

2/19/2007: SNOW HAS RETURNED!  The normal winter snow pattern has returned and we have
powder again.  The Summit also has been spending the past few night scraping off snow from the face
to make the 45' 1/4 pipe for this weekends event.  Good thing for the new snow so we can hopefully
fill in where the snow has been scraped down. 
Base: 5 1/2'

2/11/2007: A few inches of snow but marginal snow levels.  Tempratures in the low to mid 30s and 
light precipitation forecast so we will either recieve light wet snow, or light mist/rain.  After a dismal
January, Feb is not off to much of a start either.  We are now below average snow depth.
Base: 5 1/2'

2/4/2007: Its warmed up so the rock-hard snow has gone away for the most part.  No new snow is 
forecast anytime soon either.  Looks like we are getting a flow from the south, so high snow levels and
a little rain are heading our way.   The snow has melted/packed down now to under 6 feet.
Base: 5 1/2'+

1/28/2007: Its a cold, clear hard-pack day.  No snow in awhile and the snow on the ground is about as
hard as it gets.  Groomers are the only place to ride until temps warm up, or we get more snow.
Base: 6 1/2'

1/20/2007: Temps have warmed up to normal and it appears the ski schools have kicked off their
season as all the areas are PACKED.  Even Hyak had both lots full, and lines most of the day. January
snowfall is below normal, but our season total is almost dead even with last year at the same time so
not all bad. 
Base: 6 1/2'

1/15/2007: Its COLD again.  Temps are hanging around the low to mid teens with clear skies.
Suppose to be a weak front come through tomorrow, but nothing significant forecast.
Base: 6'

1/7/2007: What a crazy day.   The snow was falling hard most of the day, but it was real wet and heavy.
Base: 6'

1/1/2007: The Pineapple Express, or maybe just  a small version is heading our way.  Today it started
out snowing, then changed to freezing rain (20 degrees w/light rain).  Snow levels are suppose to jump 
up for around 36hrs then drop back down, but long enough to ruin the snow conditions.
Base: 5 1/2'

12/26/2006: More SNOW!  Its a bit heavy, but it is snow and it keeps falling.  Another couple feet of 
snow over the past few days and more is forecast for the coming weekend. 
Base: 5 1/2'

12/17/2006: After a severe wind storm power was knocked out of the pass, and most of western WA.
Opening did not happen Saturday as expected, but the power returned last night so today should be
great.  Snow is soft on the top foot, with heavy under that.  Temps were in the mid teens as the lifts
started to roll.  Great day!!
Base: 4'+

12/10/2006: Snow!   It is wet snow, but it is snowing.   Still around 4' on the ground and coverage on 
the slopes is very good.  An early AM hike I found all runs appear to be groomed and word is that 
Hyak will open for full operation next Saturday the 16th.
Base: 4'

11/29/2006: COLD!  Temps dropped to near 10 keeping the snow in excellent shape. A new storm
is forecast to cross the state tonight with more snow, but warmer temps.  Hopefully it stays below 32
and NO FREEZING RAIN.  Snow measures just under 4' at the official hyak.net stick.
Base: 3 1/2'+ (45")

11/26/2006: Back from vacation and lots of snow has fallen.  Summit West is still the only area open for
the past 2 weekends due to lack of employees, not lack of snow.  Today it was cold, snowing and 
blowing and I did see many people hiking the face.  Conditions are great and I hope to get on the slopes
soon, when time allows me. 
Base: 3 1/2'

11/15/2006: Its raining hard, but temps are still low (lower 30s) and SL is suppose to drop down later
today.   West is hoping to open this weekend,but they will need another 12" for sure.
Base: 14"

11/13/2006: So much has changed in one week.  The first major snow storm hit a few days ago leaving
around 12"-14" of heavy snow.  Today as I was leaving Hyak around 8am the snow started dumping
pretty good, and there is a prediction of significant snowfall (providing the SL stays down).
Base: 12"

11/6/2006: HEAVY HEAVY rains are pounding the state, and all creeks, rivers or even areas where 
there didn't used to be a creek are flowing with heavy amounts of water.  I've never seen anything like
this before!  Good thing this Pineapple Express is making its way across the state in early November
instead of mid winter.  Hopefully this is the only one we will see this season.  A cold front is coming
through Wed and snow levels are dropping down to normal.  Any snow that fell last week is all but 
gone, but it was only a couple inches anyway.

10/29/2006: First snowfall of the season!  About 3" of snow fell across the pass area then clearing skies
led to some COLD temps (around 20 degrees) to make the wet snow into hard crust.  Warming is
predicted so the new snow should begin to disappear around Thursday.

9/13/2006: The predictions are coming out for the upcoming season. NOAA is predicting warm weather
and less then average snow.  Farmers Almanac is saying the PWN will be colder then normal and above 
normal snow.  Only time will tell.  Snow level is forecast to drop to 4,000' this weekend so the higher 
passes could get their first dusting of snow.



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