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Notes  2007/2008 season
First Snowfall: 10/19/2007
Final  Snowfall:6/10/2008
Season Total: 505"  (DOT reported 590" but not accurate)

6/29/2008: I made my last ride at Alpental on June 17 and the coverage was good all
the way down.  Ed rode Hyak the following week, but the snow is receeding fast. Since
the 3rd week of June summer had kicked in and the snowmelt kicked into high gear.
Also, SilverFir will be getting a new HSQ to replace the old Triple.

6/10/2008: Can you believe it....SNOWING IN JUNE.  We received 4" of snow last 
night and today, ending around 10am.  The snow plows were out for the first time in
in June from what I hear.  My measuring stick still shows around 3' of snow.  Spring
has yet to arrive, but I hear it might show up sometime soon.
Base: 3'

6/2/2008: Snow is still hanging around due to our cool spring. I was able to ride under
the Dino chair most of the way down but could not quite make it to the forest service
road.  The snow should be pretty much gone at Hyak in a couple weeks I'd guess.
Base: 3'

5/23/2008: Memorial day weekend, the last day of operation at Alpental.
Base: 5'

5/17/2008: Another awesome weekend and sunburn conditions. Lots of snow and sun
with the lifts still running at Alpental!  Great coverage and no rocks.
Base: 7'+

5/9/2008: Alpental is still open!   Snow coverage is great everywhere and BC hiking
is also very good. 
Base: 8'

4/26/2008: More snow this week and Saturday at Alpental was great with the weeks
new snow followed by cloudless blue skies.  Central is continuing to stay open into
May and Alpental at this time will operate to May5, but rumors of staying open into
June have been floating around.
Base: 9'

4/19/2008: The snow keeps on falling!  Another couple feet of snow has fallen this past
week keeping conditions very good.  Central and Alpental are still operating, Hyak 
closed on April 6. 
Base: 10'+

4/5/2008: Hyak was reopened by Boyne and with more snow falling conditions were 
good.  Did some backside hiking and had a good time.  Rumors are that the area might
be open for one more weekend?? 
Base: 10 1/2'

3/31/2008: March went out with a bang. Over 2' of snow fell over the weekend of 
mid-winter quality dry NW snow.  Too bad Hyak's last operating weekend was the
weekend prior, but still had fun over at SilverFir.  Clear skies are forecast for next
week and Alpental is scheduled to stay open through May 4.
Base: 10 1/2'

3/15/2008: The past week a little snow falls now and then, but the snowpack has been
fairly stable this month. Temps usually staying just above/below freezing not making for 
the best riding conditions, but at least we have lots of snow and little rain. Hyak is 
suppose to run through Easter this year!
Base: 9'

3/3/2008: Finally March has come in with new storms.  We received a few inches the first
couple days of March and last night had a foot of snow fall.  Saturday was some fun riding
in the 3-6" of new over soft snow. 
Base: 10'

2/23/2008: Another Holy Oly and we have blue skies, spring conditions. Hasn't been 
any new snow in awhile and the snowpack has melted, compacted down.
Base: 9 1/2'

2/17/2008: A nice break from the storms and a bit of snowmelt the past week. This
weekend is sunshine, temps in the 30's during the day = nice spring type conditions.
After our snow totals topped out close to 13' the rain and warmer temps have brought
depths down a couple feet.
Base: ~11'

2/7/2008: Crazy, Nuts, Bizarre.  This winter is all of those things.  We get another 2' of
snow fall the past couple days and another 16" is predicted for the next 24hrs.  It has 
been a lot of firsts for me this year.  First time I could not get to my front door.  First 
time I got stuck in the road.   My measuring stake has long since been buried so my 
depth is now measured by educated guess.  The DOT says we have had 30' of 
snowfall so far this season. 
Base: 12'+

2/2/2008: Incredible!  Today was spent digging.......  Power was out across the pass
so no lifts were running.  I spent about 3hrs shoveling snow with the help of a couple
friends, then hit the slopes the old fashioned way (hike).  Power restored around 2pm
and Central opened for lift service.  Hyak will be open tomorrow.  Aprox 6'-8' of snow
fell over the past 5 days.  My measuring stick, which is 8.5 feet is buried so base depth
now is aproximated.
Base: 10'

1/30/2008: This past week has brought out below monthly snowfall to above average
with around 4-feet of snowfall.  The pass has been closed now for more then 30 hrs
and lots of avalanches.  Should be epic later this week. I can't get up to the pass  so I
can't measure the base total yet.  I'll try for tomorrow.

1/28/2008: Another foot or more of snow fallen the past couple days.  A big storm is
forecast for Tue-Wed and up to 3' more are predicted.  The temps are staying low, 
in the low to mid 20's so snow is of excellent quality. 
Base: 7 1/2'

1/21/2008: A couple dumps of 7-8 inches the past week, but otherwise farily dry. We
are now in a COLD and SUNNY condition with temps dipping to around 10-degrees
at night and 20 during the day.  Snow is forecast for next weekend though.
Base: 7'

1/14/2008: Hard pack! New snow has stopped and warm day, cold night has been the
rule the past couple days.  The fresh snow has turned into rock-hard cement.  Light
rain was falling this morning and the snow has packed down to just below 7'.
Base:6 1/2'+

1/10/2008: The snow is dumping again, but this time it is HEAVY snow.
Base: 7'

1/6/2008: The snow has slowed down for a week but they are predicting more big
storms to head our way in the next few days. 
Base: 6 1/2'

12/30/2007: The snow keeps falling. Over 150" for the season so far and more then
6' on the ground. 
Base: 6'+

12/28/2007: Snow has been falling almost non-stop since Christmas and has past the
100" mark for the month.  Conditions yesterday were the best in years with around 2'
of dry powder and light crowds. 
Base: 5 1/2'

12/19/2007: It is DUMPING.  About a foot of snow fell last night and 6" or so before
that.  Another 2' is forecast for the next 36hrs.   Hyak opens Saturday the 22nd.
Base: 3 1/2'

12/17/2007: Snow is falling steady now, a few inches every day or other day.  West and
Hyak Nordic opened Saturday.  Alpental opens Wed and Central Saturday.  Hyak says
opening TBD, but I'd guess  Christmas weekend. 
Base: 30"

12/12/2007: The rain disappeared followed by cold temps making for the lefover snow
to turn into rock-hard ice.  My measuring stick is showing just over 1 foot left, but it is
beginning to snow again and the forecast looks good for the weekend.  The ski area
didn't open last weekend as planned, but they are trying to open this Saturday at West
and maybe Central too.
Base: 14"

12/4/2007: After our first big storm passed through this weekend we are now being hit
with a pineapple-express.  Rain has been dumping all day, but I don't think it will hurt
our snowpack too much before it is gone.
Base: 33"

11/19/2007: A couple inches of snow above 3,000' and about 1/2" down at the Hyak
parking lot.  Nothing much else going on and I do not expect anything at Snoqualmie
to open before December.

11/13/2007: SL is down to 2,500' and we are getting a few inches of snow. Not sure if 
it will stay around, but it looks like the winter weather has arrived.

10/28/2007: Early snow is gone, but the ground is freezing up and snow should be
here soon.  Lots of ice on the ground while hiking around the mtn.

10/19/2007: First snowfall of the season hit the slopes of Snoqualmie Pass.

10/11/2007: Still seeing snow around 5k' and above, but temps are back to normal for
this time of the year.  Not much to report yet.

9/28/2007: Snow hit the upper slopes for the first time this season. The ski area has been
doing a bit of early cutting of brush this summer, not sure if it is completed or still underway.
Besides the ski area management changing hands, I haven't heard much else going on.



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